Wednesday, March 02, 2011

6212 Auckland, North Hollywood closed yesterday

6212 Auckland in North Hollywood closed yesterday.  I represented the buyers and it was a very smooth transaction.  This house had been flipped by a group of professional flippers who were really great to deal with.  Seriously!  And of course, the stalwart Dana Dukelow at Prospect Mortgage was wonderful, as always.

Here's what was different about this transaction.  For the first time ever, I never once spoke to the listing agent.  I only talked with his staff.  And again for the first time ever, I never once spoke with the escrow officer either, although she did leave me a voicemail when the transaction closed.  Why? In the harsh economic climate, we're seeing many companies consolidate (if they remain in business at all).  These companies need to do a high volume of business to survive.  And alas, a high volume business and high-touch customer service don't usually go together.  I predict that we will see more consolidation in the industry, however.


  1. Hi Judy
    what did it close for?

  2. sfvrealestate7:41 AM

    Alan, $395,000.