Friday, March 18, 2011

Do-It-Yourself-ers, HGtv wants you!

Ronica Harris, the casting producer of HGtv's "Professional Grade," is looking for do-it-yourself-ers in the San Fernando Valley who are about to begin a home remodeling project.   It could be a kitchen, a bathroom, or maybe a master bedroom suite.  The producers are not limiting the renovation to those rooms in particular; they're looking for people with personality (naturally).

Here's the notice that Ms. Harris sent me: HGTV’s hit new renovation show “Professional Grade” is back for a 3rd season.  In the show, homeowners go toe to toe with the professionals for a chance of having their home renovation paid for by HGTV.  Our last BIG winner from last season took home $40,000. Homeowners act as their own “GC’s” and when the renovation is done, our experts price out the job based on the quality.  If their estimate is higher than what our homeowners spent, the homeowners pocket the cash difference. 

If you are interested, or know somebody who is (I've already contacted two sets of clients), please call Ronica at 303.872.8708 or contact her by email at For an application, click on:  Good luck! Please let me know if you are selected!

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