Monday, November 27, 2017

Another sexy subject: How to paint your place

The first thing almost all buyers do when purchasing a new place is paint.  And often, sellers do this before putting their homes on the market.  Paint is the quickest way to begin decorating and freshen up the look of a house.  But it's such a hassle that many people outsource it to professionals, and that can get expensive.  However, yesterday's New York Times had a great how-to article on how to do it yourself.  It's really specific.  Click on this title for the link: A Pro Teaches You How to Paint Your Apartment.  My favorite "don't" in the article? "Don't shop for paint before 10 am or after 4 pm or you'll get caught waiting in line behind all the contractors."

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3rd anniversary of Judy Graff Properties, Inc.!

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the formation of Judy Graff Properties.  Three years ago, I made the move away from large agencies and opened my own full-service real estate company.  I have never looked back.  JGP is slowly growing, but will always be providing the difference, and leading with a heart for service.  Thanks to all the clients and agents that have made this endeavor such a success!
Graphic courtesy of Steve, of course.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

LA Times published my letter on affordable housing and density

I am tired of hearing about so-called "affordable housing" and I am tired of the L.A. Times support of  high-density as a way to produce more affordable housing.  (Yes, as a Realtor, I know that I benefit from more stuff to sell, but I also benefit as a human from a more livable city.) I wrote this letter earlier this week and it was published in today's L.A. Times.  First, the link:

To the editor: 
I am disappointed by The Times’ support of high-density housing near transit stops as a way to solve the “affordable” housing crisis. Getting people out of their cars plus giving them affordable housing are two separate issues and should be treated as such. (“L.A. obviously needs dense housing along the Expo Line. Why isn't the city planning for it?” editorial, Nov. 9)
Why not build affordable housing in neighborhoods where people actually live now rather than where we want them to live?
Let’s continue allowing granny flats and guest houses in neighborhoods that are not close to transit. Let’s allow spot zoning in residential neighborhoods for duplexes, triplexes and small-lot townhome developments — yes, with parking spaces.
A guest house that can be rented offsets the high cost of a single-family home and may put home purchases within reach for people of modest means. A guest house will surely rent for much less than a fancy new apartment in, say, downtown Los Angeles. Let’s stop trying to cram more people into areas that were never meant for high density in the first place.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Another great Yelp review

I love Abhi and Shweta.  I've seen them purchase their first home and now, their second home.  I've known them since they just had one baby -- now, they have two kids and the oldest is almost as tall as me.  Both of them are smart, focused and practical.  It has been an honor to work with them.  

Judy helped my husband and me buy two houses.  She is a very sweet and skillful lady with a golden heart. I absolutely love her and her smart way of working. 

She understand the importance of time, therefore she will not show you any random house. She will first understand you and your choices and then filter the houses that will best match your requirement, your taste and also is a very good house according to Market.

The Best thing I like about Judy is her HONEST OPINION. She don't care about making more and more money, all she cares about is to do right what is right for you. 

I over looked and missed a lot of things in my both houses but nothing skipped from her eyes. The way she analyzed things and looked at every single details, shows her amazingly deep knowledge and experience in this business.

She entered in our life 9 years earlier as a agent but now she is like a family to me
She is an absolutely pleasure to work with and will HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY  Highly recommend her.