Thursday, March 17, 2011

921 N. Frederic, Burbank

I just saw 921 N. Frederic on Burbank's weekly caravan and I am impressed.  This 1104 sf 3+2 is listed for $549,000 and has been remodeled with a nice new kitchen, parquet and bamboo floors, new windows, redone bathrooms, etc., etc.  It feels much bigger than the 1104 sf to me.  It also has a bigger-than-usual grassy backyard and a good Magnolia Park location.  I recently sold a home on Frederic about a block away for $620k that was larger.  Query: there are lots of kids on this stretch of Frederic.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I also viewed 1505 N. Pass in Burbank. It's also noteworthy.  It's a 3+2 and is a flip.  The kitchen is really spacious.  The only downside: there's no landscaping in the backyard.  It is listed for $495,000.  Last year, I sold a house just down the street for $485k which was a 3+1 and nowhere nearly as upgraded, so this seems like a fair price to me.

Those are today's standouts.  Tomorrow I'll be on caravan in Toluca Lake and Studio City.

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