Wednesday, February 27, 2019

2 communities to consider for midcentury modern homes

Is your heart set on a midcentury modern home? That's kind of affordable? Consider both Northridge and Granada Hills in the San Fernando Valley, among other places. C'mon, they are not that far away!  And both communities offer great public schools.  There are other communities that have many of these builds too -- look for So. Cal. areas that were developed in the 1950s and 1960s, when midcentury home building was in its heyday.  These houses don't come on the market everyday, tho. So if you are seriously looking to purchase, you'll need to jump.  Please call me if you need help.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ugliest house of the year? You are kidding, right?

I'm printing this article from today's Inman almost in its entirety. This is the worst this company has seen? Ok, it looks like they cooked meth in the bathtub, but it in no way is the ugliest or worst condition house that I've ever seen.  Actually, the living room appears to have lots of character.  This flipper did do a nice job, though.  I always wondered who was behind the "We Buy Ugly Houses" flyers on telephone poles.

See the 'Ugliest House of the Year' and its glorious renovation

The 'We Buy Ugly Houses' company gave the award to a 1,700-square-foot Tudor-style home in Queens, New York City that underwent a serious makeover
The honor went to a property purchased last fall by HomeVestors’ franchisee Nyath Properties, as a run-down 1,700-square-foot Tudor-style home in Queens, New York.
HomeVestors reported that the home won the most votes from the American public out of thousands of home makeovers completed by HomeVestors franchisees.
The Queens home had a giant hole in the bedroom ceiling, “destroyed bathrooms, and less-than-habitable conditions throughout,” HomeVestors said.
Performing a resurrection of sorts, the HomeVestors franchisee gutted the house while salvaging the wood floors and exposed beams. It then replaced “everything else,” including sheetrock, windows, electrical wiring and panels, bathrooms, basement floors and the kitchen.
A bedroom of 2018’s The Ugliest Home of the Year when the property was first purchased by a HomeVestors franchisee.
The same bedroom after renovations.
The home’s living room after its purchase.
The living room after renovations.
“We purchased this house from a seller who had been struggling with a sick family member that had lived in it for years, and who was grateful to find a way ‘out’ of dealing with the property,” said Steve Papadakis, who runs Nyath Properties with Michael Gatzonis, in a statement.
“The seller didn’t have the time or resources to improve it to a condition that traditional sellers would consider. But, we were able to give her cash to get her out of her ugly situation, and were beyond thrilled with the chance to work our makeover magic.”
The home’s kitchen pre-rehab.
The home’s kitchen after renovations.
The pre-rehab bathroom.
The post-rehab bathroom.
More than 1,000 HomeVestors affiliates operate in 168 markets across the country, typically hawking all-cash offers with the come-on “We Buy Ugly Houses,” and vacuuming up thousands of properties every year.