Monday, April 27, 2015

Not such great experiences with Beverly Hills agents lately

I've had lots of contact with Beverly Hills agents over the last many months.  Many of their clients are -- gasp! -- coming to the SFV for more affordable real estate and good schools.  And the experiences have not all been pleasant.

I think they think we're rubes and peasants out here.  And courtesy is in short supply.  So is thoroughness and research.  But I guess if you only sell bajillion dollar listings, the more-affordable market here is pretty bush-league for you.  

And buyers, why would you hire a Bev Hills or Westside Realtor if you're looking way outside of Beverly Hills? Did your business manager suggest it? Bad advice, that. But never mind, we welcome you anyway!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pink car night in Studio City

I spotted these two pink cars last night in the space of 20 minutes last night.  My client and I were having dinner on the front patio of Laurel Tavern in Studio City when the first car, a Ferrarri without license plates, pulled up.  Of course it was driven by a beautiful blonde woman; this is L.A. The url on the side of the car said (no vowels, you can figure it out, I don't want any backlinks to or spam from any weird Russian websites). Of course, we googled the url and turns out that it's a p_rn site.  Hey, p_rn stars need burgers and brews, or whatever, too.
The pink stretch limo drove by shortly thereafter.  I don't think there was a connection between the two. But it was certainly unusual to see two such notable vehicles on the same stretch of road in a short time span.  I love L.A.!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Coming back to market this week -- 629 N. Keystone in Burbank!

The glamorous 629 N. Keystone in Burbank will be back on the market this week and ready for its next owners.  If you saw the house last summer, you'll remember its secluded front patio with herb garden, barbecue, and firepit.  The house also features an open floor plan, saltwater pool, 3 big bedrooms and 2 baths, 2-car attached garage and gorgeous back patio. All landscaping is new, including the front and back pavers and the drought-tolerant plants.  The kitchen is huge and was designed for serious chefs and many of the systems are upgraded.  It features 1728 square feet on a 7129 square foot lot and has a central Burbank location.  It will be listed for $779,000 and will be open this coming Sunday from 2 to 5.