Saturday, March 12, 2011

OMG, cheapest condo EVER in Burbank

Pigs are flying.  I'm looking for a hat to eat.  And Burbank has its lowest-priced listing that I ever remember.  And it's not even a dump!  355 Maple, #114 in the Entourage development just listed at $99,000.  It's a 480 sf. studio and the building has lots of amenities.  It's close to the studios, too. Is it priced according to comparables or is it an auction price? I vote auction.  A similar unit there sold for twice this just last fall.  And in November, my buyers closed on a one-bedroom condo on Bethany which was the cheapest thing to list on the market in over a decade and it was $180,000.  And prices haven't dropped 50% in four months.  So yes, I do think it will go out much higher...still...stay tuned!

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