Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lisette puts a ring on it

I'm pleased to announce that Lisette Beck has officially joined Judy Graff Properties!  Here's a bit more about her:

Who I am..

With years of experience in real estate, realtor Lisette Beck provides award winning service to her clients. When representing buyers she will pair you with the best property for your needs.  When it comes to sellers, Lisette and her team will take care of everything from A-Z, until we have a successful close of escrow, all while making sure your experience is smooth and efficient. She will also provide lease/listing services for clients residential/income/commercial property. 

Lisette's Philosophy

I pride myself on treating every client with care, making sure their best interest and needs are a priority. I am available to you 24/7, through the course of your escrow or lease, to walk you through every step, and keep you well informed. I have a great team to make sure all of the complex stuff is handled by us and not felt by you, making it a smooth process for you and yours. 

Lisette can be reached at 818-277-4366 or

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

10 ways real estate is like Game of Thrones

For you prospective home buyers out there, I know buying a home can seem just as hard as battling for the throne of Westeros.  (Admit it, this is your fourth season of trying to buy something.) Your experiences on this journey probably look like this to you:

The part of town you'd like to live in:

It's a little congested, but it's really very walkable.

The part of town you can actually afford to live in:

The, um, "city" council is trying to get the next CicLAvia here, and has promised to create bike paths on the dirt roads.

The listing agent:
Seems nice, but don't turn your back for even one minute.  And don't even ask what his side hustle is.  He is still pissed that his boutique "agency" was not selected for "Selling Sunset."

Your seller:
If you think he's a little cold, you'd be right. Would have more fun killing you than closing the deal.  Would prefer it, in fact. Every encounter with your seller is fraught with menace if not outright danger.

Your agent:
Clever but probably bitter, twisted and a little drunk.

Your lender:
Seems to be on your side, but can turn on you at a moment’s notice and scorch you.  Insatiable appetite for paper.

The other buyer who got the house you wanted:
One word: squish.

How the house you'd like to buy looks to you:

How the house you'd like to buy looks to you, after you get the inspector's report:

You, after you’ve lost out on yet another house.
Feeling trapped by fate.

Never fear.  If you are truly motivated and qualified, I can help you win your fight for your own palace.