Friday, September 20, 2019

Why condos aren't easy

It seems that it should be easy for a Realtor to sell a condo or townhouse, no? After all, they cost less than houses (in some areas), the inspections are easier, etc. etc.  But no.

There are two reasons for this: First, most lenders need home owners association financial documents and the HOA management companies can be all over the map with competence.  Some are super-professional and get docs out right away.  Others...just aren't as heads up.  You'll have to beg for documents to be produced, pay rush fees in advance, etc.

The second reason is the lenders themselves, especially the big banks like BofA, Chase, Wells, etc.  Yes, I know their interest rates are better than mortgage brokers' rates now, but they have very tight underwriting standards and restrictions.  And when they do get what they need, it usually sits on somebody's desk for a few days before it gets processed.

So if you're buying a condo or townhome, make sure you're on top of your lender and the HOA management company.  And allow extra time for the escrow to close.