Saturday, February 26, 2011

Burbank Airport is funding noise-abatement program, but maybe not for long

The Burbank Airport and the FAA teamed up several years ago to offer a noise abatement program to local homeowners.  If a home was subject to a certain decibel level of over-fly airline noise, the program provided and installed a/c, double-paned windows, double doors, insulation, etc.  Not bad, eh?  Many people took advantage of this.  The program ran out of money for awhile but is now funded again.

Now, though, the program funds may be on the federal chopping block.  Airport officials are encouraging eligible homeowners in the Burbank/North Hollywood/Sunland areas to apply now rather than wait.  Burbank Leader has a great article about this today and the title above should link to it.  This is an excellent program and eligible homeowners should get it while its hot!

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