Tuesday, March 08, 2011

5233 Strohm, Toluca Terrace - not in multiple listing service yet

5233 Strohm in Toluca Terrace is an absolutely adorable 905 sq. ft. cottage with 2 bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths.  It features lots of character details, hardwood floors, a/c, a big back yard, above-ground pool, white picket fence and much, much more.  I can attest to its adorableness as I've been a guest in the house many times (although it's not my listing).  It will be in the multiple listing service at the end of the week, but is available for viewing now, and will be listed for $439,000.  If you're looking for this neighborhood and a home in great condition, this is an excellent deal.


  1. tbgpalisades4:29 PM

    The difficulty with buying real estate is it takes some research, or you may not be so happy in 5 years.

    Here's how you, as a buyer, may want to look at this:

    Index Valuation:
    Purchased 3/98 $110,000
    Case-Shiller index: 80.63

    Case-Shiller current: 165.54

    Index value: $225,840

    Comparable rental valuation:

    Rent (high for size/neighborhood): $1,750
    Rental valuation: $315,000 (15x)

    Rent vs Buy:
    Rent: $1,750
    Mortgage/Taxes/Insurance: $2,878 (FHA, 3.5% down, 30yr, 5%)

    That said, if you fall in love with it, $439,000 it is.

  2. sfvrealestate5:12 PM

    Thanks for your comment, tgbpalisades. If only prices were 15x their yearly rent, I'd be too busy to blog - lol.