Sunday, September 02, 2012

Rae and Gus are giving up a successful acting career and leaving town. Why you should buy their Burbank house.

Rae and Gus are giving up a successful acting career and leaving town.  Why you should buy their Burbank house.  Rae and Gus are twin actresses who have hit the big time.  They’ve appeared in shows like Parenthood, Disney Channel programs, etc.  They currently live in Burbank and tell us why they’re leaving.  Rae and Gus are 18 months old.
So why are you leaving? You have a career that other actors would kill for. We’re moving away to spend more time with our family.  Really.  We’re sick of the Hollywood grind -- the auditions, being judged on our looks, long shoots that interfere with naps, and always having to watch the scale.

Tell us about the house you’re leaving.  Really, since we live there, it’s more of a celebrity property.  The address is 1429 N. Rose, Burbank and itwill be listed and available to show on September 4.  It’s a 3 bed, 2 bath house on a humongous lot.  The house is almost as adorable as we are and has two updated bathrooms, an updated kitchen with quartz countertops, newer cabinetry and newer appliances, central heat and a/c,  hardwood floors, custom paint and window treatments.  It also has an oversize backyard where the ‘rents have planted lots of good (and not so good – zucchini? Really?) things to eat.  We’ve gotten so much experience farming that we’re moving to a farm state!

How did you find this house? Actually, the ‘rents found it when we were still working on existing.  They fell in love with the house and the terrific neighborhood, too.  The house had the huge yard and they said, no problem, we’ll build on as the twins’ acting career takes off and we need to house more of an entourage.
But then, the backyard took hold of their imaginations, and they started to grow stuff.  Really, who isn’t a foodie these days? Who doesn’t like the whole farm-to-table, locavore movement even if you secretly eat every meal at McDonalds? And, there are still plenty of sitting (or in our case, crawling) areas to enjoy.  It was like having your own Napa – not to mention naps – back there.

What will you miss most? Everything.  Our warm and cozy home, helping Dad dig in the dirt, chewing on an occasional worm (it helps with our method acting skills) and our wonderful neighbors.  Oh yes – and being pushed around the corner in our stroller to Mucho Mas for margaritas.  Actually, we don’t really have too much memory of those apparently delicious and cheap margaritas but we’re told the paparrazi are in a bidding war over the pics.

The house is listed for $499,000. Are you negotiable on the price of the house? You mean what we’ll take in exchange? Heck yes.  If you’d like to give us a boat-load of resalable Disney princess items in exchange, we’re down with that.  The ‘rents and the agent say green papers are it, though.

Your agent must be unhappy to be losing you.  The only agent we’re concerned with now is our real estate agent, Judy Graff.  She will be negotiating on our behalf and can be reached at 818-370-4837.

For more info or to arrange a showing, please call Broker-Realtor Judy Graff, John Aaroe Group, 818-370-4837 or email

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