Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy week in the home buying and selling world

It's been kind of a crazy week, and I know you all love the dirt, so here goes: First, I'll soon have a gorgeous, almost entirely brand-new home in Toluca Lake on the market. It's about 3,000 sf and will list for $1,297,000. We are working on staging now with pictures to come and then I'll have all the info here.

1429 N. Rose, Burbank is in escrow and all is going well, so far, there. The buyer just did her home inspection yesterday, the pest inspection was today, etc. This won't close until the end of October. By the way, the two cats (pictured above) that live at Rose now need to be rehomed. They are twin black and white kitties, about four years old, can live inside/outside or both, and are very sweet. They were born in Brazil and can meow in Portuguese! Any takers?

Next, there's the Ben Mar home in Burbank. That has NOT been a fun transaction so far. I will have a long post about this baby when it closes. For right now, I can tell you that the buyers and I celebrated the removal of all contingencies last night at Bow and Truss in NoHo.

Then there's the short sale condo in West Hollywood. Jeez, as if short sales weren't bad enough...when a condo is sold, both the buyer and the buyer's lender need to look at the home owners association's financial and governing documents. And getting the HOA documents in a timely manner is ALWAYS iffy. In this case, it's been an extra hard tooth-pull. And we learned that there is litigation against the home owners association from a disgruntled former resident. That's a red flag to the lender. At any rate, it's been one of those 50-emails-a-day transactions this week for me and everybody else concerned and I hope to have this sailing smoothly early next week.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!


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  2. i just posted this to my fb to see if any of my people can give these sweet buddies a home. i wish we could but we're allergic and wouldn't want them to be outdoors only with the wild critters in our new neighborhood. i'll keep you posted. :)