Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Had a long day house hunting? How about finishing with a wine tasting right in the SFV?

Looking to do something a little different in the San Fernando Valley? Perhaps after a long discouraging day of house hunting?  How about wine tasting at D'Argenzio Wines in Burbank? Although I've driven by this place on Burbank Boulevard a million times, I had never stopped in until the other day.  The room was really nice. The D'Argenzio family staff was great. The other tasters were very friendly. A flight of wines is $10, which is remitted if you buy a bottle.  I learned that D'Argenzio is a major grape grower and vintner in the Sonoma area, and is very well known for their red wines.

But how is the wine? I say really, really good.  I particularly liked the Russian River Pinot Noir and the Dry Creek Zinfandel.  Each is about $34 a bottle, so this isn't the stuff you're likely going to drink as you, say, do your laundry.  But perhaps it's worth drinking during another evening spent looking online for homes?


  1. Takk for å dele denne fin blogg. Din vanskelig jobb er lønner seg. Disse er svært ultimate post og gi denne informasjonen om huskatalog

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Hi Judy
    thank you for blog story about our Burbank tasting Room and Winery in Santa Rosa. Glad to you enjoy our wines :)
    Ray D'Argenzio
    D'Argenzio Winery