Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So much for loan modifications

I received this email this morning from former clients. Their loan is through GMAC Mortgage.

"We have been attempting to do the loan modification program however we cant seem to get anywhere - We have fed ex'd the paperwork - faxed the paperwork and have made appx 14 phone calls in cluding to supervisors - they say we have not recived your paper work or it has not been updated in your file. we have provided them with proof of delivery and they say they can not do anything. they say it takes 5 days to update the files its been a 3 weeks since it went 3/23 it was signed for and faxed twice - two weeks ago and last week - again today. The Mortgage modification program otherwise called loss mitigation is run out of texas and you can not get the same person twice - it takes about an hour to two hours to get thru on the phone and they go thru the spiel again and ends with sorry we dont have your paperwork cant help you. its getting really ugly now and we have no recourse... From wht they tell us its all out of texas. We have tried everything possible and made them put our pphone call in the file and the fed ex number. We are so frustrated at this point Hope yu are having a better time of it. "

Wow, talk about a run around! And coincidentally, here's info on how to get around the loan mod run around from LAT's LaLand. Do banks want to have a lot of foreclosed homes to sell? IMO, if these banks are taking taxpayer money to stay afloat, they have a responsibility to help those same taxpapers.

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