Monday, March 24, 2008

Toluca Woods is Hot!

Update April 8, 2008: well, maybe not so much. This home is back on the market. The listing says that's due to first time buyer jitters. The Toluca Lake neighborhood of Toluca Woods continues to defy sales expectations. The area bordered on the north by Magnolia, south by Camarillo, with west/east boundaries of Cahuenga and Denny has seen the homes that have come on the market there lately go pending very quickly. Pictured to the left is 10637 Otsego, a 4+2 for $789,000. It went pending in 13 days. You can visit my February post for the house on Willowcrest that went pending in 7 days. This isn't surprising as the neighborhood has good housing stock at decent prices. But, wow, such fast sales really are rare these days.

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