Thursday, March 20, 2008

Could it be any more crass? Oh no, wait...this is Glendale

Thanks, L.A. Curbed, for this story. Americana at Brand, the new destination shopping center in Glendale, will take delivery of a "Spirit of American Youth" statue to the garden area of a shopping center. Pictured above, the statue is a re-creation of the 1949 sculpture at the Omaha Beach Memorial in France that commemorates soldiers who died on Normandy Beach. Of course, before it's good enough to grace a Glendale shopping center, it has to be dipped in gold. Remember the soldiers who died for your right to shop. To the left is the statue, about to leave NYC for Glendale, and the smaller picture below is the original, in France.


  1. It's good to remember the soldiers who died at Normandy, but with a gold statue at a shopping mall in Glendale? What do the soldiers who died at Normandy have to do with shopping anyway?

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  3. Kendyl8:48 AM

    Hey, that's a little harsh! We may be a little shiny, but we aren't the Jewel City for nothin', ya know!