Wednesday, June 19, 2019

In real estate, you don't often hear the words "meaning" or "sentimental"

This is Ross.  I took this picture when he was about to leave his home of ten years for the last time. Moments like these are always bittersweet, for both the homeowners and me.  I am immensely gratified to have known his family for many years.  I met Ross and his wife Tracy when they were 20-somethings.  They are now almost-forty-somethings, and I have seen them through four real estate transactions, career growth, lots of remodelings, and the addition to the family of two wonderful daughters. (Digression: I’ll never forget 85-lb daughter Lorelei wrangling 135-lb Everest the dog during an inspection.)

“Meaning” and “sentimental” aren’t words that you often hear from Realtors.  But it has meant so much to me to have been involved over the years with this family.  We have lots of memories together! This may sound sentimental, but for me, it’s not just the dollars, it’s the heart that goes into helping people with their life transitions.  Good luck with everything, guys, and I’ll miss you.

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