Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday reading about real estate from the Los Angeles Times

Two interesting articles about real estate appeared in today's L.A. Times.  The first is "Helping your appraiser do the best job" and the link is here. The article begins, "Your home is on the market. You found buyers, a nice young couple just starting out, and they're sold on the home. But wait — there's one more person you have to sell: the appraiser." I'll say.  Elsewhere, the article discusses the need to give the appraiser good comparables.  The listing agent should supply these -- I always do for my listings.

The second article is "4 million homeowners climb out of negative equity" and the link is here.  Just as I been tellin' ya, eh? One of the more interesting points: "[With] 12.6% of mortgaged homes underwater, California has a lower overall negative rate than the national average (13.3%)." I would bet that L.A. County's rate is even lower.  No more short sales! Yay! 

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