Monday, March 24, 2014

Ask me anything: do cash offers ALWAYS prevail over financed offers for a house?

No, a home buyer's all cash offer DOES NOT always win out over an offer with a loan.  These days, it seems like many buyers are wonderfully qualified by truly talented direct lenders. (I will be blogging about this when my 848 N. Avon property in Burbank closes next week.)  If you are a property buyer out there in Burbank, Studio City or anywhere else in the east San Fernando Valley or Northern Los Angeles area, and you need a loan in order to purchase a home, here's what you can do:
- Get pre-approved by a direct lender, such as Prospect, Wintrust, or Madison Lending. You can also go to property lenders at Chase or Wells Fargo. And by all means, check with your credit union.  That means, yes, filling out all of the paperwork and turning in all your needed financial documents.
- Please stay away from "middle-men" lenders who just take your paperwork and then push it out to a random lender.
- Do this in advance.  Please don't wait until you've already found the house.  You'll have to get the paperwork together eventually anyway.
- Clean up any credit issues.  Your lender can help you with identifying what these may be.
- Save as much money as possible.  I know this is hard, but perhaps you can defer big purchases for one more year.
- Gifts from family members are good, but please make sure they are indeed gifts and there is no expectation of a payback.
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns re home buying!

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