Saturday, September 07, 2013

Yes, I sold this Sherman Oaks home twice in one year. Here's how it happened.

4484 Stansbury, Sherman Oaks just closed for the second time this year.  I was the listing agent both times.  Here's how it happened.  It was a short sale in 2013.  By the time it got a great offer and the (long, long) short sale process was done, it closed at the beginning of May.  The price was $538k and it went out at all cash to an investor (yes, I thought it was low, but that was all the lien holding bank wanted).

The investor rehabbed the house (which was pretty cute to begin with and in good shape) and hired me to list it again.  Hey, I know Sherman Oaks real estate, right?  We put it on the market in July for $799,000.  This is what homes go for in these parts.  And it quickly got an offer like everything else, and sold for $809,000 yesterday.  That's how I came to sell the same home twice in one year.

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