Monday, January 28, 2013

Save the pink bathrooms, you retro renovators!

Frequent readers of these posts will know that I have often made fun of colored bathroom fixtures.  But my dirty little secret is that I grew up with this MCM decorating (I am midcentury, too) and have a deep and abiding love for it.  And I'm thrilled to have just disovered Pam Kueber's site.  Full of pink bathroom tips, places to buy midcentury building and decorating materials, and similar info, SPB is a wonderful companion site to Pam's main site,  (I'm sure you retro-renovators have already caught on to this site, but I just love discovering this stuff.) Pam's kitchen is below -- bitchen, no?

Speaking of renovated properties, I'll have a wonderfully renovated Cape Cod listed next week in Adams Hill.  Write me offline for details.

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