Thursday, April 12, 2012

Los Angeles, Easter Sunday, -- what I saw

I had the opportunity to be several places in L.A. this past Sunday and only a few of them were real estate-related.  However, all of the places made me realize why I love Los Angeles.

First, there was Lake Hollywood and the Lake Hollywood Park.  It was a beautiful day in a fabulous urban setting, and one of Councilman Tom LaBonge's staffers (Silvan?) was handing out Griffith Park hiking maps.  LH park is an off-leash dog park and several animals were enjoying the warm weather with their human companions.

Later, we drove through Elysian Park on our way downtown.  This is the best way to get downtown, IMO, unless there's a Dodger Game.  Then, traffic really chokes up.  Anyway, there were thousands and thousands of people and families enjoying barbeques and picnics throughout the park.  The smell of grilling meat wafted around, and in addition to people and cars, there were lots of volleyball nets, bounce huts, ice cream trucks, small soccer games... It was more crowded than I've ever seen it; the picture above is NOT a good representation.

When we arrived downtown, several streets were blocked off.  Oh no! Crime scene? Terrorist activity? Laker victory? But no -- it is the annual Sikh new years' celebration parade.

Not to gush, but where else can you go to find this kind of weather, scenery and culture?

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