Monday, April 16, 2012

How did yesterday's Burbank open house go?

Yesterday, I held a very well-attended open house at 3031 N. Lamer in Burbank.  This is not the first open house -- that occurred during a rain storm and attendance was, understandably, pretty poor.  But yesterday's festivities drew about 106 people. Although that's not a record for me, it's quite a nice turnout. Here's how it broke down.

Of the 106, about 35 were kids.  Of the remaining folks, there were many who just don't "get" midcentury modern homes (this one is a show piece).  Then, there were the "museum goers" -- people who LOVE midcentury architecture and were coming to see the design, but weren't buyers. And people coming to check out the view (pictured above). (Observation: men and kids love the airport view; women don't.)  And, of course, there were open house guests who just followed the signs because they were in the neighborhood but had little else to do.

However, there were a few groups there that were home buyers AND were interested in this particular house.  Will we get another offer this week? Stay tuned.

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