Thursday, February 23, 2012

2007 N. 6th Street, Burbank, has closed. Hooray!

The probate fixer at 2007 N. 6th in Burbank has closed for $450k.  This property is rough and I wish the new buyers all the best for this.  Yes, they plan to re-do it and sell it. 

We received a total of 11 offers and all of them were cash.  And, surprise surprise, we got into a late bidding war (usually bidding wars happen at the beginning of the listing).  Three buyers duked it out (and wanted to duke me out) over about $1000 dollars at a time. 

The house had been vacant for many years and had holes in the ceiling, holes in the floor, etc.  Yes, it was jungle-y around the outside which is why the picture above isn't better. We worked around break-ins, trash-outs, board-ups, etc.  The probate attorney was a real asset (don't be afraid of probate, buyers!) and some of the sellers were, too.  I'm sure the new house will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.


  1. Congrats on the closing! Is always nice to see buyers duking it out. Take advantage :)

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Do most sellers give any consideration to whether someone intends to use the home for their family to live in, or intends to use it as an invesment vehicle and flip?