Sunday, November 27, 2011

Did everybody have a good holiday week? And what's on the horizon...

There's no "house of the week" this week because I didn't see any real estate for sale last week.  We had family stuff, and I was too busy with the existing escrows and listings. Here are the issues -- and my worries -- for the upcoming week.
- Will Norwich close without any further shenanigans or claw-backs from the buyers?
- Will Troost close before the buyer has her baby?
- Will the seller of 2012 W. Verdugo vacate by the bank's "must close" date of Dec. 23?
- Will I get some decent offers for the 2007 N. 6th Street property?
- Will the buyers' cash come in for the house on Skyline?
- What will the other sellers on the other house on 6th decide?
- And what of the possible Glendale short sale?
Stay tuned for all answers...

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