Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5703 Troost in North Hollywood is closed

I brought the buyers for this 3+2 in a great little North Hollywood pocket. The neighborhood is close to the subway, restaurants (Federal Bar! Eclectic Cafe! Coley's!), night spots and the police station.  Lots of young couples are buying there these days.  I brought the buyers, who are 8 months pregnant.  The house needs a little work but has lots of potential, and Mr. Buyer is very handy.  Unfortunately, the buyers were unable to get a loan, but the parents rode to the rescue and bought it for all cash -- it closed at $362,000.  Yes, there's nothing like the impending arrival of a little one to loosen parental purse strings.  And yes, I've asked to be adopted into the family


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Odd choice for a family expecting to move into a neighborhood with pretty awful schools... Sendak Ele. 5/10.. Romer MS 4/10 ... North Hollywood High... 5/10...

    I guess they got the money to send the kids to private school... (add $20k a year to that housing cost)... Might have been better to rent in Carpenter Elementary school district..

  2. Anon, you're right. However, the buyers are already thinking about private schools if they're still there in 6 years. Many people I've talked with just totally given up on LAUSD. Plus, keep in mind that both Carpenter and Colfax are now charter, and can "close" enrollment.