Saturday, October 29, 2011

How my short sale is going, chapter whatever, or BofA is the bitchenest bank of all time!

We've been in escrow for three months now on 2012 W. Verdugo in Burbank and our stalwart buyer is hanging in there.  BofA and Chase, the lenders, verbally approved the deal about a month ago. But we still need their approval letter.  What's the hold-up? Our outside negotiator learned this week that his cohort at BofA had been fired, and now there's a new person to deal with there.  O BofA, I love you so.  The latest is that the file is with the investor for approval, and once that happens, we'll get our approval letter.  Short sales are being streamlined? Not in my world.

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Sounds so familiar. I am buyer of a short sale in Florida and BofA verbally approved the deal 2 weeks ago. Now, they are conducting an appraisal. I can only imagine what will happen next...probably want more $$$. It has been a long drawn out process and I thought we were approaching closure.