Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4604 Norwich, Sherman Oaks - heaviest activity that I've seen in a long, long time

Showings begin for my new listing at 4604 Norwich, Sherman Oaks today.  It's by-appointment-only as it's tenant-occupied.  Sixteen separate buyer groups have made appointments today -- that's really, really a lot, and way more than I was expecting.  Is it because interest rates are so low? Or is it because the townhouse is gorgeous, and it has four bedrooms, 4 baths, a bonus room, an attached garage, luxe kitchen, etc, etc.?  Stay tuned for more details.


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Well, it is sort of a diamond in the rough. Small complex (3 units), sane HOA's (144), looks in great move in condition, good area and you're marketing it. :)

    Not too many town-homes hit all those notes.

    Good luck, be curious what it finally goes for.


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