Monday, August 01, 2011

Winner homes -- and not -- of the weekend

We were all over the place this weekend.  I won't give the address of the "winner" house since my clients are interested in it, but it is in Toluca Lake and has very fanciful decorating.  The bathroom picture is above.

The second pleasant surprise was at 543 Stocker in Glendale.  This is a typical 80's townhouse.  I have a bit of a prejudice against these as they're usually in neighborhoods that are way over-built by now, but was clean and nice and has 2 decent-sized bedrooms.  The living room is a little small, but for $299k...

And then there's 4276 Kling in the Burbank portion of Toluca Lake, which is a short sale.  Everybody, including me, loves this complex.  I could probably sell five townhomes there today alone if the price was low enough.  Alas, it just wasn't for my buyers. 

And now for the losers:  The first is a 1960's condo in Glendale.  The neighborhood is okay, and the place was clean, but it looks like the complex your grandmother lived in during the 1960's.  Just very apartment-y.  And there's no laundry in the unit.  And the home owners association dues are $429, but that includes all utilities.  This poor little unit just had nothing about it to love.

Then there's the condo on Oxnard in Valley Glen.  My clients and I have tried to see this twice.  The first time we were told it couldn't be shown because the bed wasn't made.  This time, we had an appointment and somebody was going to meet us there to wrangle the large dog.  But we were stood up.  My clients were very good-humored about it, but I felt really badly that their time had been wasted.  I think that just might be it for condos in Valley Glen, but you never know.

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