Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toluca Lake home for sale -- nicest from yesterday's caravan

The nicest house that I saw on caravan yesterday was 4355 Clybourn in Toluca Lake (pictured above).  It's a 2+2 with separate office and pool for $749k and it has a really comfy ambiance.  That's a terrific price for this neighborhood, too. (You may recall my posts on the short sale that's catty-corner across the street, 4362 Clybourn -- I've just heard that the foreclosure sale has been post-poned again -- that makes about six postponements.)

I also saw another Toluca Lake home that is on a cut-through street and is priced at about $1.5 mil.  It just wasn't that awe-inspiring, unless you count the Michelob tab at the wet bar, the bidets, and the pet bunny.


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