Friday, June 17, 2011

How important are home photos to the selling process, anyway? OMG, they're everything!

Agent Genius had an article about home staging a couple of days ago. One of the comments was so true: the four things most responsible for a successful home sale are (in order): the home, the price, the photos and the staging. We’ll talk about staging another time, but to me, good interior pictures are key. 

There’s nothing like well-lit, professional quality pics to motivate a buyer to drive across town to see a home for sale.  Everybody has been watching HGtv for years now, and everybody has access to all sorts of real estate porn gorgeous home photos. Buyers have high expectations and many properties to choose from. Good property photos increase interest, which equals more showings sooner which equals quicker sales.   Even if the property isn’t glamorous, professional photographers can light otherwise dark corners, great angles can be used, and a house for sale can really look its best, online at least, for potential buyers.

So I’m puzzled as to why more Realtors aren’t having pro photos taken? (Unless the house is a truly scary tear-down.) Yes, there’s the cost, but we’re supposed to be spending money on our marketing, yes? (Or did I not get the memo?)  Buyers, would you go running to see the house above? Sellers, I can’t think of a single reason that your Realtor can’t hire a professional photographer – the cost is minimal for the return you’ll get.  And sellers, when the photographer is coming to shoot the house, it’s a good idea to tidy up – or at least put the butter away unless it's included in the sale.

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  1. So true. Photography really is the best chance to make a great first impression. There are so many choices out there - why give buyers a reason to dismiss the listing because of bad photography?