Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Does foreclosure lead to terrorism?

...Because if it does, we all better take cover.  Okay, not funny.  But you have to wonder about housing circumstances of the guy that tried to blow up Times Square.  By all accounts, he lived a nice life: house in the suburbs, wife and kids, job, education, etc.  And then it went wrong, or he went wrong, or something.  Couldn't pay the 1st mortgage, couldn't pay the 2nd HELOC, and got foreclosed from there.  Did losing that part of the "American Dream" unhinge him and tip him into radicalism?  Would he have tried to blow up Times Square if he and his family (now no longer in the country) were still settled homeowners and if the bank had done a loan modification?  I'm not being flip, I'm just wondering.

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