Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another just great showing

Another non-optimal showing today of another 2+1, 1245 square feet house:
-The place was a cluttered mess.
- Bedsheets for curtains.
- A newer kitchen but every inch of counter space was being taken up by stuff and the sink was full of dirty dishes.
-Somebody sleeping in one of the two bedrooms.
-Crying kids.
-Garage converted to guest house/shack.
-Owner with scary-looking prison tats, plus lots of underwear showing.
And they want $600k for this? I know it's in Toluca Lake, but...


  1. Sounds like the owners are doing a different sort of marketing with their property. "Look at our house in it's worst possible condition and it still looks good". Hilarious!

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    HA! Sounds like my neighbor. If it is I might just buy the place just to get rid of him!!!