Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gosh, I have such deep and abiding faith in Bank of America

For those of you who are following the progress of my Bank of America home re-finance: I got through to BofA yesterday and they now say it will take 60+ days to wrap up the re-fi. Mind you, we applied for this on January 6 and received a loan commitment on January 15. We've long since turned in income documentation and the other paperwork the bank asked for. And we have plenty of equity and aren't asking to take any cash out. I asked the kind person why it was taking so long and she told me, "Bank of America is hiring and training new people." So good to know. You'd think they might have wanted to do that before promoting re-fi rates below 5%. But what do I know about the inner workings of a giant multinational banking institution?

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