Friday, November 14, 2008

It's not just us.

I just returned from a week in Paris. Yes, I know; I'm a lucky, lucky person and we had a great time. Anyway, when I was last there eight years ago, I saw maybe one real estate office the entire time I was there. And now, there's a real estate office on every block. With beautiful pictures of apartments and flats for sale in the window. And they're not cheap -- studios in nice neighborhoods seem to be listing for $450,000 and up. I read that real estate has increased in price in Paris by 79% since 2005! I also understand that the Paris real estate market has slowed quite a bit (I have no knowledge of lending, title or mortgage issues there). So we're not the only country/state/city that had a real estate run-up and is now having problems, it seems.


  1. Some years ago I sold my first home without any Net resources. But it was very difficult for me. I heard that some services can publish ads about my home in the Internet. Can you help me to choose between and ? Do you know anything about these services? My friend said that "Trulia" better than "Fizber". But maybe he wasn't right. So I need help.

  2. Yura, I haven't heard of, but Trulia is quite well-known. Please contact me off-line if I can help you in any way.

  3. Thank you, Judy I'll check this out.