Wednesday, July 09, 2008

News on our old friend 2304 N. Sparks

Remember this house? It's a short sale which has been on the market for a very long time. It had an HGTV-redone kitchen. I blogged about it here last February and got in trouble for doing so by the listing agent. My bad. And when Peter Viles of L.A. Times blog LaLand rode along with me for caravan, he blogged about it, too.

It's in escrow, and here's the skinny. The buyer's agent is in my office, so that's how I got this info. The selling price is $485,000 -- way less than the $699,000 it originally listed for. There were apparently several offers. I was told there were offers on it back in February -- for $550,000, no less -- though I don't know why they weren't acted upon then. But short sales are taking a very long time to get approved these days.

The buyer is an investor who put down a lot of cash. I'm told he plans to have a relative with school-age children move in so the kids can go to Muir, the middle school.

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