Thursday, June 26, 2008

Did you see me on the news last night?

If you saw Fox 11 news at 10 last night, or the Channel 13 news at 11, you saw an interview with me about the Countrywide lawsuit. I received a call from a reporter yesterday afternoon regarding this, and they met me at an early evening showing. I was quoted as saying that Countrywide gave away loans like candy, and anybody who could fog a mirror could get a loan. I also said that while Countrywide is the biggest mortgage lender who engaged in dubious loan practices, they were certainly not the only ones. I said more but it was edited down to sound bites, of course.

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  1. Um, you might not want to include a link to FoxNews when you want to show Fox Ch. 11. Fox News Channel is a travesty of cable news, and not the channel you appeared on . . .