Monday, February 11, 2008

Even Some Republicans Want More Regulation

If you're a regular reader of this post, you probably know that I'm in favor of more regulation of the financial and securities markets. And apparently I'm not alone. Ben Stein writes a very readable weekly column in the Sunday New York Times business section. NYT labels him "a lawyer, writer, actor and economist." He's also a big-time Republican, and as such, one would think he'd be big-time anti-regulation. But no! Check out this quote from Sunday's piece:
"Is anyone ever going to wake up to the fact that there is a lot of larceny in the human heart and that there are a lot of sheep waiting to be shorn and that regulation is not a bad thing? Or will we just lurch from massive meltdown to massive theft and on and on? Is anyone ever going to get it? Anyone? Anyone?"

Thanks, Ben.

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  1. Quasi X4:51 PM

    Right on, Ben. It's nice to see that at least SOME Republicans are using their heads.