Thursday, October 01, 2009

Latest questionable Realtor trend

The latest trend is home marketing has appeared this week: many Realtors are only showing a property once or twice. No, not once or twice to you. Once or twice, period. The house is usually held open for a couple of hours one day, then maybe a couple of hours another day. And then offers are due. But what if you want to come back and see the house when it's quiet? Or bring parents or spouses back? IMO, a home should be very easy to show for at least seven days in order for everybody who is looking to have an opportunity to see it. If you're a seller, casting your net wide is the way to get the highest and best sales price. If you're a buyer, you should be able to take a second or third look to make sure it's the house for you.


  1. I have also seen many listings that will not allow you in the property without an accepted offer. This type of thing is actually doing a disservice to both the buyer and seller. Let's assume that a buyer makes and offer based on one visit or no visit. The offer then gets accepted and the buyer goes back in to do an inspection. The chances of the buyer backing out are much high, because s/he didn't have the opportunity to properly evaluate the property prior to the offer.

    Agents doing these sorts of things are hurting everyone.

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    What the heck school of marketing did they go to? Well, that's fine with me(us). That's one more expired listing I'll(we'll) be able to grab when the time comes. Right?

  3. Hello. I completely agree with you that such behavior is a mere nonsense! Of course that a buyer wants to have a look at the house more times than just once! And of course that the seller would benefit from that too. Even though I work as a realtor as well I must say that if I was a potential buyer and was told I could visit the house only once I would reject.
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