Monday, August 05, 2019

I will miss you, Starr and Alex

Remember Egbert? Whose house I had for sale? The humans above are his parents, Starr and Alex.  I met Starr and Alex six years ago when I helped them find their first home in Burbank.  We've stayed in touch and have had a lot of laughs over the years.  And I've been honored to sell their home at 2112 Hilton, pictured in another post below.  We listed the house in early July, had an open house which 116 people attended, and accepted an offer from another great couple later that week.  The escrow only took three weeks.  I will miss Starr and Alex -- their good humor, their sensibilities, and the fun we had when we got together.  Good luck, guys, and I hope to visit you in WA some day soon.

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