Monday, May 06, 2019

Shout out to agent Milla Goldenberg

The pretty lady above is Milla Goldenberg and she is one of our agents here at Judy Graff Properties.  Although she's only be in business for three years, she is absolutely on fire!🔥🔥In the last ten days, Milla has listed two properties and sold two properties.  That's an amazing amount of transactions on top of the other listings and sales she's had since the first of the year.  Not to mention being wife to Warren and mom to four-year-old Nico (also pictured above).  And, she has covered not only L.A., but the San Bernardino mountains, Palmdale, Long Beach, etc. -- that's a lot of driving not to mention hard work! So, kudos, props, shout out to you, Milla, for your wonderful work. I am so proud!  Milla can be reached at #MillaGoldenberg #JudyGraffProperties

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