Thursday, December 08, 2016

L.A. City Council votes against mansionization

Today's L.A. Times has an article titled "L.A. backs measures to "roll back" mansionization in single family neighborhoods."  (The title should link.) The city council will be rewriting a couple of codes so huge, boxy homes will be a little less huge and boxy.  Sounds good, but they will be reducing sizes from 50% to 45% of a lot size.  That doesn't sound like much, does it? Apparently, garages don't count.

One quote in the article from a developer startled me. “To cram four or five people into an 1,100-square-foot house, one of these old bungalows, it’s a joke really,” he said.  Wow. Lots of Californians -- and people all over the world --  have been born and raised in homes even smaller than that.  These people turned out okay. And nobody's laughing.

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