Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Great Yelp review!

My seller client of 12412 Rye Street in Studio City just posted this review of me. Thanks, Mark!

"You could not ask for more...

Judy Graff could not have been more professional or pleasurable to work with to sell my mother's house.  My family interviewed numerous local agents before deciding upon Judy -- we could not have been more pleased with our decision.  Judy was dedicated to selling my mom's house well before she was ever formally engaged.  Her pre-engagement efforts went well beyond trying to gain our business; they were truly in the best interest of selling my mom's house.

Judy's selling and representation abilities could not likely be surpassed.  Her screening of potential buyers and advice on offers were invaluable.  Certain unfortunate timing issues of the sale, nothing to do with Judy (in fact, timing issues that resulted from not listening to Judy), did not lead to an ideal sale.  Nonetheless, Judy's strategy, advice and hard work in connection with numerous offers led to the best price from the best possible buyer that the market would bear.  Judy's communication and responsiveness throughout the process was impeccable.

In addition to all of the things you would want in a real estate agent, Judy went above and beyond what one would ever expect or desire in any service provider.  One of the things that made the sale of my mom's house unique is that the house sale was necessary due to the fact my mom has Alzheimer's and needed to move cross country.  Judy's compassion and insight on the issues surrounding the sale were sincere and insightful.

Most significantly, when Judy thought she had led us astray in one respect (by unwittingly referring an estate sale agent who turned out to be a crook), she was honorable and diligent in rectifying the issue in every way possible.  

If anyone would care to follow up with me to get more detail on Judy, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.  I am more than happy to support my unequivocal referral and recommendation of her."

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