Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another great Yelp review

I just received another great Yelp review from my clients Briana and Mike.  Their condo was really hard to sell due to HOA issues that most lenders don't like. Other posts about the unit can be found in the archives here -- the address is 5227 Denny Street #101, North Hollywood.

Anyway, we were able to get the unit sold and get Briana and her family into a particular home that they've always wanted.  It's been wonderful working with them over the years and I can't wait to see what they've done with their new place.  From Yelp:

We've worked with Judy for 6 years now. First, when we bought a condo in 2009 and just a couple of months when we sold said condo and purchased a house. Our condo situation was not ideal. It was unwarrantable and near impossible to sell and somehow Judy did it. It was a flawless transaction and I still can't believe we got out of it.

As far as our new home, we had mentioned a couple of times we loved it overt he years as we walked by it all the time. She happened to be the agent for the people who purchased it years ago and mentioned it to us that they were looking to sell. Being that our condo was "unsellable" we thought it was a complete long shot that we would be able to sell it and some how get this new home.  Apparently Judy is a miracle worker because she did it. We closed the condo and moved in to are new home all within days of each other. I cannot thank her enough for putting up with a very stressful me and making this happen. Then, on top of that she thanked us with a thoughtful gift. Judy is the real deal and she just basically makes shit happen. Thanks Judy!

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