Tuesday, June 23, 2015

629 N. Keystone, Burbank is closed -- what a difference five months can make in real estate!

If you've been reading this blog, you know about this home in Burbank at 629 N. Keystone.  Great house with lots of improvements, great neighborhood, open floor plan -- very un-Burbank.  I originally listed this for $779,000 last September. We had lots of activity, but no offers, so we took it off the market just before Halloween.

I relisted Keystone again in April.  Again at $779,000.  And immediately got three offers, all over the purchase price.  We sold it three weeks ago for $805,000.  That wasn't even our highest offer -- we received an offer for $820,000 but were afraid that it wouldn't appraise.  The $805k offer was all cash.  The point is that the housing market is certainly on fire here in the San Fernando Valley.  We went from no interest to heavy, willing-to-pay-more interest in just a few short months.

FYI, a large portion of the buyers that came through my open houses this spring were new parents from over the hill who are looking for decent housing stock and good schools for their children.

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