Friday, May 29, 2015

View Park, LA - my latest neighborhood discovery

You can live in L.A. for decades and still discover new places and neighborhoods.  That's why I love Los Angeles.  Last weekend's discovery was View Park and Windsor Hills.  I was completely knocked out by the stunning housing stock, the manicured landscaping, and the very quiet neighborhoods.  The rolling hills reminded me of Beverly Hills.  Much of the housing stock is large 1950's and 1960's homes, but there are also 1920's and 1930's character homes here. It was hard to spot any home that wasn't expertly kept up. This area is largely unincorporated, which means lower taxes when you sell and private water companies. While prices are soaring there as everywhere, the neighborhoods are still a bit cheaper than corresponding SFV ones -- $800's and $900's for larger houses, $600's for light fixers.  If you absolutely must live on the Westside, this neighborhood may be an excellent option.

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