Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eight Studio City revelations

Exactly a year ago, I moved from Burbank to Studio City.  Although I was quite familiar with Studio City already, here are eight things that I've learned this past year about my new neighborhood.

1.  The L.A. River is really the L.A. Slot.  The only water in it is in the little narrow channel in the center unless it pours rain.

2.  Halloween is a really big deal here.  Some of the houses in the neighborhood are decorated like movie sets, and it's really fun to see.  No other holiday has quite the presence in the neighborhood as Halloween.

3. Jinky's Studio Cafe provides an essential service.  Perhaps not quite as essential as LADWP, but...

4.  IMO however, Aroma has the best French toast and Dupars has the best pancakes.

5.  If I live 100 years, I'll never make it to all the sushi restaurants here.

6.  Almost everybody here is nice, at least the people that I've met.  That's pretty important when you're a door-knocking Realtor.  And just about everybody in the single family homes here has at least one dog.

7.  The Trader Joe's parking lot is the most treacherous TJ's parking lot ever.  If you shop at any Trader Joes, you will know that the competition is very heavy.

8.  It is relatively easy to get people involved in community concerns such as (over)development and crime issues.  Good thing, that.

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