Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hollywood Hills house closed yesterday - whew!

First-time buyers Elizabeth and Jim are the proud new owners of this home in the Lake Hollywood area.  This transaction had a bunch of challenges.

The house is a flip and the new stuff is really nice, but an entire lower unit had been torn out on the order of L.A. City.  And there were lots of brand-new concrete pours and patches which indicated lots of cracks and slipping.  This is no surprise as the house is built on a hillside.

We had lots of inspections and estimates and the news wasn't so great.  But two factors made this purchase a go: first, Jim and Elizabeth are up to the challenge of a not-perfect house and second, the sellers gave the buyers a huge, huge credit.  (It's the largest credit of any real estate transaction I've been involved in.)

I am eager to see how Jim and Elizabeth (wonderful clients, btw) will fix this up.  Here are pics of a friendly neighborhood kitty and also the sunset view from the front porch.

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  1. My daughter and her fiancee are looking at new homes for sale. They are going to be married soon and they are very excited to move in together and start a family. I bet they would love a house like this.

    Susan Hirst |