Friday, June 06, 2014

Ask me anything: planning to sell your home? Here are 6 ways to find a good Realtor.

Well, first, hire me.

Next, go through all the Realtor flyers that have been left on your doorstep or in your mailbox for the past several years.  Pick the cutest guy or gal.

Seriously (I was serious about the “call me” part if you’re in L.A.): there are several ways to pick a good listing agent.

1. Do you think that the Realtor who sold you the house did a good job? If they are still in the area, give them a call and discuss your needs.

2. Visit open houses in your area.  Chat up the Realtor, but do not mention that you live nearby and are thinking of selling – the Realtor will stalk you.  We are really good at that.  Anyway, see what impression you get.  Do they seem engaged with the people they are meeting? Do they offer extra information on the home? (Do they even know anything about the home they are selling?) Can they (intelligently) answer questions? Do they know your neighborhood? Remember that many listing agents send assistants to cover these things – you will be able to determine who’s who very quickly.

3. Presuming that you are still in touch with them, ask your former neighbors, who have sold and moved away, for referrals.  You will soon learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about the folks that have sold real estate in your neighborhood.  Of course, you will also learn about how quickly the news spreads that you are selling.

4. Ask your friends who have just sold for referrals to their agent, presuming they are generally in the same area. And presuming your friends think their Realtor did a great job.

5. Ask folks who have recently bought homes in your neighborhood for referrals.  Buyers’ agents for your neighborhood often make the best listing agents – they are familiar with everything that has been sold there lately.

6. Check out the doorstep and mailed flyers are usually circulated by Realtors who work in your neighborhood.  By all means, contact these folks if they have a track record in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to Google who you pick.

In another article, I will list qualities of a good listing agent. And soon, I will post several ways NOT to hire a listing agent. Stay tuned and please contact me if I can help you in any way.  I can be reached through 

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